What's the most effective way to get tracks to Sync on Djay 2 for iPad ?

Hi guys… :slight_smile:

I’m new to Djay 2… I have used the Sync function which is great… but it doesn’t always work… what’s the best way to nudge the speeds up and down to get the tracks to sync on the beat…? I have tried to use the large waveform display but I’m finding it hard to figure out how to align the beats.

Has anyone some easy tricks to get my started and hopefully continuos trial and error will get my there in the end…?

PS. I just bought €200 worth of tracks from Beatport in AIFF format… and I really wanna get stuck in… :slight_smile:


How exactly does “Perfect Sync” work? I am coming from Traktor DJ, that for all it faults have a pretty solid and common sense automatic syncing system: it knows correct bars and beats and will only start the track directly on the correct beat.

I have never been able to activate this perfect sync on Djay 2.7.4 with or without the Reloop Beatpad. The app has two states: red frame sync or none. Hitting the sync button while in a transition is a kludge and using sync to start the second track never seems to work. It frequently starts on 3 instead of 1.

Double tapping the sync, whether on hardware or software does not make a lick of difference.

Traktor’s system of a master tempo and always locked sync just makes so much more sense.

(Auto sync haters need not reply btw)

Ahhhh… haaaa… I was only tapping on the plus and minus icons on the large Waveform display… now that I hold for a few seconds longer I can see the alignment move and sync to my ear better… :slight_smile:

Any other tips most welcome for seamless mixes. I don’t have pre-cue headphones… so I’m just trying to use the tools supplied to try and get an accurate mix consistently each time.


Hi Warren… I have done the suggested Perfect Sync feature and it’s a little hit and miss with certain off beat tracks… is there any online videos that show the correct steps or techniques I should be applying to try and at least have consistent mixes… a combination of the large waveforms display and the perfect sync seems to be the best solution I have found… but what I’m really asking is there a proper suggested way…? that guarantees the best results…?


Cheers for that advice Brian… :slight_smile:

Where can I find that 'Edit Grid/Set" area…?


Hi Anthony,

Using the pitch-bend buttons is right on, you can use it to manually nudge the tracks to remain in sync. You can also try using the “perfect sync” feature by tapping the sync button twice. In this case, the sync buttons should light up in blue.

I’m not aware of any videos in this regard but you’re already doing it right. Either “Perfect Sync” when you want to have it sync automatically or pitch-bend if you wanna sync manually.

Thanks for helping out Brian!

Make sure that your track was analyzed right. For a couple of them, I had to adjust using “Edit Grid / Set” when the Perfect Synch seemed to have them at the same BPM but it sounded slightly off.

When you are in waveform view (do you know how to get there?) there is a little pencil in the bottom corner. You can’t see it if you have the FX/loops/etc open. Tap that pencil and you’ll see it. I hope that explains it okay… I’ve been learning mostly by stumbling around, tapping everything I see to see what it does. :slight_smile:

GenErik, if you read the rest of the thread… is Djay possibly analyzing your tracks wrong and marking 3 as 1? If so, have you gone into “Edit Grid / Set” as I describe above to mark the correct beat as 1?

Someone might come along with better advice, I’m not sure this is your problem; but it’s the first thing that comes to mind. (Also, I apologize if I misunderstand your question and I’m answering the wrong thing!)

Even with the sync function I find that occasionally a track will be just off slightly. This is not a problem because, as a dj, you should be able to detect is and alter it accordingly. Personally I don’t think it’s healthy to rely one the equipment to do everything for you. Yes, the sync button can be enormously helpful, but it is there as an aid not a necessity.