What's the most stable OS for Djay pro 5 ?

I’m having numerous crashes from 5.03 to 5.1.1 . I’m on macbook pro 10.15.7 catalina. Crashes too many times to use at a gig. I’ve been testing at home and crashes when
1.typing in the search bar
2. scrolling in the search list
3. using pad or smart effects either by mouse or ddj flx4 controller
4.deleting a playlist
5.dragging a song to the related list

I’ve sent in crash reports to the team but haven’t got any response for any work around or suggestion on which osx is the most stable or if it’s an know issue and not my computer.
I really like Djays dynamic grid and neuro mix but too risky to use live.

Has anyone been using Djay on mac crash free? What os are you using?


Hi @Donn,

It sounds to me like an OS, hardware or some other software conflict. You’re running a pretty old version of macOS, so I’m guessing your hardware is also fairly old.

  1. What are the detailed specs of your Mac hardware?
  2. How much free drive space is available on your Mac?
  3. When the crashes occur, do you have any other applications running in the background like an iCloud sync or Time Machine backup?
  4. I also recommend that you read the following articles for optimizing your Mac for DJing:
    a. How To Optimise Your Mac Or Windows Laptop For DJing In 2024
    b. How To Optimise Your Mac For DJing - Digital DJ Tips
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Hi Slak_Jaw, thanks for getting back. I actually have another computer I can transfer everything over currently running Big Sur 11.7.4 that could be updated to Sonoma 14.3.1 .
Between Big Sur and Sonoma which OS would be best to run Djay Pro?



Hi @Donn,

I personally can’t say which macOS is most stable with djay Pro as I’ve never had stability issues like you’re describing. Again, I recommend you optimize your Mac for DJing using the suggestions above.

Please also refer to the macOS compatibility information below:

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I’ve literally sold all my old gear to get my Mixon 8 and switch platforms from standalone to mac (currently only iOS). Probably should have researched more. Only cuz I didn’t expect some of the setbacks that I’ve been dealing with.

Mainly library management and crashes.

Once. I saw the new beatgrids and stems I felt forced to switch very and now I’m getting nervous that this stuff won’t be dealt with promptly.

Loving the new features though :slight_smile:

me too. selling all my Denon stand alone stuff

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