Wheel doesn´t work! PLEASE HELP GIG IN 6 hours!

When using the wheel on my controller (tried both Pioneer SB3 AND Reloop Buddy) in Djay pro AI it stops working all of the time, if I use it alot, or move from touching the top to the side it stops working. After 2-10 seconds I can use it fine again, but keeps happening!
I have a live gig tonight, at a big club PLEASE HELP ASAP

I need the wheels to put songs in sync and find the right spots etc. Also unistalled djay pro and cleaned it up and reinstalled, nothing works. Happens in both vinyl and slip mode.

Mac updated, software updated, firmware updated.

It could be one of these two:

  1. a faulty cable - try a different one to find out
  2. a faulty port - try a different USB port on your MacBook or a different MacBook or your iPhone / iPad
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First thank you much for replying!

I´ve tried several cables and several ports. But will try again now.
I dont have another mac. I do have an iPhone though, but I know the problem is in Djay pro AI, I tried the contollers in Serato and they work fine!

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Did it work before? Do you have a backup from a time you know it worked? Maybe you can restore.

Alternatively, if you have Serato available, you could try converting your cue points to Serato with DJCU (albeit that won’t get you beat grids so it could still be a bit messy).

So, how did it go? Were you able to save your gig?

Yea I saved it. Deleted the app, didn’t work. But when I deleted AND
deleted all the app files via a cleaner, then reinstalled and programmed
the controller anew (I program neural mix pads) everything worked good
enough. I had to be very careful to not touch the jogwheels twice to
rapidly and make shure I always test play the tracks (they consistently
don’t play on the first try before touching the touch part of the jog
wheel). But when I did both of those it worked fine.

Far from an ideal solution, but I came into a good flow with it.

The neural mix is too good not to use. But the Djay app is way to unstable
for professional use. I would also strongly recommend Algoriddim to place
the app outside of the appstore so we can use previous versions etc


Great to hear that you saved yourself and agreed, being able to go back a version would be a life-saver!

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Glad you got it working to the point that you could do your show, but unless/until you get to the bottom of this, it will keep happening.

I think this isn’t a minor bug and is something that needs to catch the attention of the devs at algoriddim: touching the case/chassis of a controller and it affecting the computer/software sounds sketchy.

but for full troubleshooting, you’ll have to give a better description of your rig and how it’s set up.
IE- which mac? were you connected to internet at the time, and was that over wifi or ethernet? was bluetooth connected to something?


I had similar thing happen with my left jog wheel. Come to find out, the calibration was off on my Prime 4 so if you have any settings for calibration, then check there, too.

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That is so weird, I have a Denon MC7000 and I played it with my Mac and my iPad and it was very smooth and stable.

Is it stable if you don’t use the controller?
Like on an iDevice or using the mouse on a computer?

If it does, maybe your controllers are not compatible with DJay or maybe they have some faulty ground thing.

Are they connected to power as well as USB?

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Hi @djgoldielock,

My apologies for the late reply here on this thread. It looks like you’ve gotten some great help already from our Community (a big thanks to all on this thread!! :pray:) and I just wanted to let you know I’ve joined the discussion here and am keen to help in any way I can.

I’ll wait for more information from you, more specifically in response to the latest posts requesting additional troubleshooting information from @heysoundude, @RoDi_Baker_Sr , and @Fridmanator. Thanks in advance and hope we can help get things running more smoothly for you!

I have a Reloop Buddy and iPad Air which I use and can’t replicate the fault you mentioned.

This is why OP needs to detail their setup…and some specifics of yours wouldn’t hurt either.