When can we expect another update and support for the Pioneer DDJ Rev5?

I’ve been hoping for an update to stem quality, new loops and above all native support for Pioneer’s DDj Rev5. Any word on if and when this might happen?


I already mapped most of the functions on the rev5… so the folks at djaypro should have an easy time of mapping it

Do the jogwheels map ok? And the LED indicator light on them?

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Jogs map fine… there no jog display

Leds output works you need to go into advanced mapping on each pad you program and choose the colors via the min and max

From 1 to 127 there are colors in the number… 4 i think is bright blue…

Min means the state the button color when pad is not press to on

Max is the state the button color is when you press the button

In the max case… if you map the first cue point on the gui you see the red cue flag will appear.

So you coinside that color with the cue point 1 then use the max up and down arrow to find the color

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@Old_Man_Ratchet Neural Mix quality has been greatly improved in the latest djay Pro 5 release. As for the DDJ Rev5, there is an existing thread where you can cast you Vote to add support for it. Thanks!