When connected to Reloop Beatpad no sound through Bluetooth

Hi there,

I just unpacked and installed my new Reloop Beatpad.
When I connect my iPad with my Bluetooth Audio Receiver (which is connected to my audio set) I can play and hear music using the Music-app on the iPad. However, when I connect my iPad with the Reloop Beatpad I can only hear music through the headphone.
I’ve checked all the faders and they’re full on.
Disconnected the iPad from the Beatpad and played directly using the Algoriddim DJay 2 app works fine too.
Am I missing something here? Is there a hidden switch that I need to flip?

Hope you can help.


Hi Arjan,

Thanks for contacting us.

Please tap the gear icon to open the settings in djay. Is there an Airplay icon next to the volume slider?

You can try if you can access the AirPlay icon through the Control Center.

Try the following as an experiment:

  • connect the Beatpad
  • open the “Music” app
  • try to play a song via your Bluetooth speakers

Hi there,

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:
I think it has to do with the Reloop Beatpad because if I don’t connect the iPad to this device the iPad/Algoriddim plays the sound through my Belkin Bluetooth Audio Receiver and the Airplay-icon is available.
The kids are around, so will check later tonight if this Airplay icon goes away after connecting with the Beatpad.

Keep you posted.


Well, as expected the Airplay-icon goes away after connecting the iPad to the Reloop Beatpad. So I guess the Beatpad doesn’t return the sound back to the iPad then. Or is there a trick to fix this?

Thanks for any reply!


Sorry for my late reply. Trying to find the Control Center but I can only find the Settings-button in the DJ-app and a menu under the i of Information. Or is the Control Center to be found elsewhere in the Settings menu of the iOS?

Ah found Control Center under Settings. There’s no Airplay icon there.
Is that perhaps because I have a Belkin-device?
I can see 2 options there, they’re both switched on (Access on Lock Screen and Access Within Apps)

None of these work. Need to go and buy some wires.