When I 'Set Downbeat' in DJ Pro for iPad it doesn't set the bar number to 1

I’m working with a track that has some sampled dialog before the main bassline kicks in which is a few seconds into the song. This is the true starting point of the song where I start counting bars. When I set downbeat to this point the bar number where the bassline starts is still showing as bar 7. Am I confusing concepts and terminology here. Is setting the first bar something elese?

Which track is “a track”? Please post the artist and title so others can take a look and investigate for you.

It could be any track, that was just an example (in this case ‘Can I Kick It’ by ‘A Tribe Called Quest’.) I want to tell DJ Pro where the first bar starts.

You need to set the one (the first bar) to that point, then set the downbeat.