When I try to adjust the pre-cueing volume while pre-cueing directly from music list the pre-cueing stops?

Volume adjustment of pre-cueing dialog while pre-cueing from a deck works as expected. However if you attempt to adjust the pre-cueing volume from the pre-cueing dialog while pre-cueing directly from a song in the music list it immediately stops playing the pre-cued song. I have to load the song to the deck in order to adjust pre-cueing volume.

So there is a work around but it appears to not be working as expected. Minor issue. but I thought I would report it.

Exactly, Yep you got it.

It is just inconsistent with deck preview. Previewing in library and trying to turn it up the volume makes the preview stop.

yep, I have a numark controller

I have iDJLiveII. If you cannot implement feature you should at least not terminate my precuing from library as a penalty for hitting volume.

Hi there,

thank you very much for your post.
We are always thankful if you are reporting issues which are bothering you.
Am i getting this right, you want to be able to adjust the pre cueing volume while using the preview function in the library?

Lukas E.

Thank you for there reply,

are you using a controller besides your Mac?
Thank you in advance.

Could you tell us which one?
Thank you in advance.