When is support for 2-channel cueing on Focusrite cards going to be available?

I have djay pro for windows, and would like to use my Focusrite 2i4 to cue via headphones. As Focusrite is a popular brand of audio interface, I would think adding basic support could only be beneficial…

You select in preferences the cueing channel, providing you can select between channels 1&2 main output and headphones 3&4 which should be accessible from the front panel of your focusrite interface… providing your audio card has selectable monitoring

That is strange… is there any other options for audio device, possibly its not selecting the correct device… really weird of that is it…

Hi there,

at the moment Pre Cueing with not natively supported sound cards is only possible via the Built in Output of your Windows Device while the Master is being outputted via the sound card.

Lukas E.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Oof, gonna be hard to come back from that one… guess that’s what I deserve for not just buying traktor again.