When listening on ios and the phone rings

Hi. When listening to a recorded mix track and the phone rings or a notification sounds, the track moves.
It typically shoots all the way to the end of the recording.

I’d wager the devs never thought algoriddim would never be used outside of airplane mode, or without notifications turned off,

@Richie_P1 that is unexpected behaviour for sure. However, in most cases you want to have system sounds and notifications disabled when using djay.

Also it is recommended to disable your Lock Screen when using djay.

Happens a lot when I’m driving and listening to a mix that Ive loaded and Im playing back

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@Richie_P1 here’s quick tutorial video. There’s a great tip in here showing you how to automate the Do Not Disturb feature when using djay.

Thanks for that. But the fact remains it happens and probably shouldn’t. This seems more like a band-aid.

What if Im driving and listening to a mix

@Richie_P1 I agree that this should not happen. I’m just trying to offer you a work around so that you don’t have to wait for an official bug fix.

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And I appreciate it, Slak!! Truly.
When Im mixing, I put it on DND and silence.
When I’m listening back in the car, and driving, I have phone on normal.
Same if out on a dog walk or exercising.
Anyway, I LOVE DJAY.
People can’t believe Im creating such great mixes on my phone.
I’ve been spinning since 1980. And to go from hauling heavy crates and big giant equipment, to holding it all in one hand, is truly amazing.
I could rock an arena from my iPhone. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:
Big fan here.