When mixing or looping 2x songs they are glitching/jumping

I am using iPad 2 64gb with Ion IDJpro and plugged into a sound bar, which is connected through the master out L&R on the back of the decks.

When 1 track is playing it sounds clear and fine, however as soon as you add a second track and have both playing at once the sound and the songs jitter, glitch and jump. It almost sounds like the two songs playing are more than the set up can handle, which is absurb.

I have tried putting iPad onto airplane mode, restarting the IDJpro and Ipad but to no avail. It is completely unusable like this.

Has anybody had this happen before/have a fix for this?

The glitching and jumping is happening again. iPad idjpro. Latest updates. Spotify and stored music on iPad. It also occurrs in Traktor so it might be an iOS issue.

10/26/15 They are well aware of it. Also saw on Twitter they acknowledged the problem. Hopefully they get it fixed asap. The app is useless at this point until fixed.

Not sure exactly but you might be able to restore from a previously saved back up via iTunes on your computer.

I have found every other iPad DJ app has the same problem. This may be an iOS Marketing ploy to get people to buy new devices before the holidays.

Dont expect an update anytime soon since the iPad Pro is debuting. I knew this was a marketing scheme! I hope I’m wrong though.

I’ve found that it only happens when the BPM is adjusted for a song. If the BPM is at 0%, it does not happen with me. It happens at random intervals, always for a fraction of a second. It’s embarrassing and I need it fixed before my next party.

Craig, how long ago did you receive that message?

What about downgrading to the previous version until they release an update? Any idea how to do that? Got a gig Saturday night.

Adrian, this is really frustrating. I’ve been DJing with Djay for years now, recommended it to literally hundreds of people, and I’m almost forced to switch solutions. If this problem isn’t fixed I can’t beat match. It’s gotta be fixed, or at least provide a link so we can downgrade to the last version that was still working. Help us out here!

If that’s the case, then rolling back the iOS should fix it?

So far no luck downgrading iOS, however I can confirm Craig’s theory that it’s an iOS issue. I grabbed my old iPad that still has an older iOS on it. I updated DJay to the latest version and there’s no problem with it.

Unfortunately, the old iPad does not have enough storage for my entire music library (which is why I stopped using it in the first place) but at least it works without skipping.

This is HUGE, Scott! Thank you! I had no idea that turning off the key lock would eliminate the popping, and your post pointed me in that direction.

I have already ordered a new Pioneer DJ controller and will be forced to leave the world of iPad DJing because of this issue. At least now I know that I can keep using my iPad and Numark controller until I get the hang of my new one. Thank you!!!

I’ve been having a similar problem with my iPad 3. I reset my iPad to factory settings, uninstalled and reinstalled djay and Spotify and still had the skipping (buffering like issues) with my iTunes library and the Spotify library. I figured out that this only happened when I have the key lock (time stretching) activated. Not good since indo lots of remixes and I really need my time stretch to function. :frowning:

I have the djay pro and the problem is still there. still no fix. :frowning:

is it a coincidence that there a load of issues with the new idjay2 update and the release of idjay pro?
I was going to buy thePro version anyway, but now seems like i am forced to.

I bought the new iPad Pro to get through this issue. I was going to upgrade to DJay pro but there are so many negative comments I decided to wait. As for the popping issue or however we are defining it, I didn’t have an issue on my old iPad 2 but the new iPad pro is killing me. it definitely has the problem.

PLEASE FIX THIS! i stopped playing venues and clubs almost 20 years ago but because of DJay I have started mixing for my fire station brothers who are running marathons and triathlons. They need tunes!

Apparently it’s more than a little problem. Your “Mood in here” emoji chart seems to have a full year of frustration. People are leaving your product behind because they can’t use it. I can’t use it! Have you found a solution?

This problem haven’t occurred to us, yet. Is it permanent or intermittent?

There’s a known problem with a distorted Output coming out of the iDJ Pro, which can be solved by plugging off and connecting the iDJ Pro again. However, this is also happens when only one track is played…