When recording tracks on my idj pro how do i get the mic to record???

Hi Matthew,

You can’t record the mic input with djay. You’d need something that records from the master output.

This is so stupid that that the mic can’t record :frowning:

Hi Mike,

there are several options to record your master in, you could use the iMic by Griffin for example and connect the master out of your controller via the iMic to your Mac.
Now you can record the sound input and the microphone input via a recording software.

Lukas E.

Hi guys,

We are very sorry but recording your mic directly from the iDJ Pro is not possible as the external device is not sending back the signal.

The Mic is being outputted directly via the iDJ master.

Therefore, we are not able to record it.

We are sorry for that.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Phil,

If you want to record a Microphone in as well as using the Beatpad, we recommend connecting your Microphone directly to your Mac and selecting the Input as Mic In in the Audio Device Settings.


The dumbest thing ever… The engineers should be fired…

Like what?

I strictly use my IPAD for everything… There shouldn’t be a reason the mic don’t record if mixing with Wego3. That’s crazy you can hear the mic but it doesn’t record… Engineers need to get to work on this one… Maybe a software update

I’m having this problem too… Is there an update on this now? Cheers.

So it’s the djay pro software that can’t record the mic? Not the Reloop beatpad 2.