When using Djay Pro with a spliter I'm only getting mono NOT stereo.

Using Djay Pro with a spliter cable. when plugging into the mixer I’m only getting a mono signal not stereo! is there a setting ? it did work with another mixer.

Hey michael,

this behaviour is expected. Using the Split Output with a Splitter is splitting the Jack into 2 Mono channels in order to use them separately.

Cheers,Lukas E. 

If you are using the Split Output both, Headphone and Master are Mono.
By the way, are you using djay Pro for the Mac?

Lukas E.

Thanks, I just read that it’s normal. What I didn’t know was that regardless of whether the output going into the mixer is stereo, the output to the audience is in mono anyways.

Yes, I’ve just started using Djay Pro.