When using external mixer, remove faders and EQ, etc.

Please please please, make an option to turn off/remove the faders and the EQ when using an external mixer. As a pro, Using an Allen and Heath Xone 96(or any other mixer) I don’t want anything interfering with the sound. There is no reason to have the faders, the eq, or Nerual mix of that section even operable with all the redundancy of Neural mix in other parts of the program. Doing so would-as it did with Traktor- minimize unneeded signal processing, as sound is most important, and minimize processor load as well. And second best it would free up a great deal of precious screen real estate to view larger waveforms if that was done. These are really things that I think can help true club/po dj’s make the jump from other softwares.

Hi @adrenal,

Thanks for sharing this feedback with everyone in our Community.

We appreciate your ideas regarding our UI. We are currently working on some improvements to that we believe will satisfy this request. We kindly ask for your patience while we work on this.

Thanks for your understanding. If you have any other ideas or feedback, feel free to reach out to us again.

Thank you so much for replying on this! This is something I really hope your company can keep up as I am really liking the software and it’s development is important to me too! :wink:

Ya, would be nice to have an option to disable certain functions that exist on the controller.

You can disable any MIDI action in the MIDI Learn menu, @dbinott. Find out all about MIDI Learn here:

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Cheers, G


Not referring to actions,but, the UI itself to add more room for more important items.

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+1 Yes indeed. Touchscreen real estate is very valuable, having controls that aren’t used taking it up is not ideal.

+1 another vote for this.

It would be nice to have the option to remove faders, crossfader, eqs, pitch faders, filter knob, gain etc. (things that I can see its levels on my controller!) to make room for other information not shown on the controllers, like pad fx, longer waveforms, more library etc.
Maybe have them in their own tab named “mixer” on top like the sampler?


Hi @D-mosh,

This is a very interesting idea that has also been suggested in another thread.

I will merge this thread with the one in mention so that we can better track this request.

Looking forward to your next great suggestion!