When will the Pioneer XDJ-RX2 be supported?

I saw in supported list that XDJRX works! But when will XDJ-RX2 work with djaypro?

You bought a controller that isn’t on the list of officially supported controllers, you’re too lazy to map it yourself, and you’re demanding they add support right this instant? Support for something they never planned to support and never announced they would support?


Maybe somebody can give me (us) an answer?

Thank you very much! Please inform me as spon as possible! The Controller is really good and i think many DJs will use it!

Can you please send me the midi mapping which is done until now that i can use basic functions?


When will you send it?

i think it won’t take much time until XDJ-RX2 full funcionality mapping will be available.
@ Felix Bauer: How is the progress of full functionality? I never get a file from you!?

Still waiting for Full functionality with XDJ-RX2! How is the progress?

I have mapped the RX-2 for MAC, but it‘s not possible for me to map it with full functionality,… the complete Track and Search functionality and display functions are not mapable! That‘s the reason hey I‘m asking,… I‘m not to lazy!!

Dear Algoriddim, are there any news about full support of Xdj-RX2? Still waiting for it! Thx

Come on… more info on the rx2 please. Can i get the display to work with Djay Pro 2?

It is not about mapping. it is about functionality. mapping works fine for MacBook but not for Windows. I had to buy both licenses to test and see this. Not happy.

" you’re too lazy to map it yourself" ? there is no MAPP-ing error. I tested on mac and works fine. on windows is not working. There is something either with the windows driver, either with algoriddm code. The cue preview is not working in any combination/mapping/setting output. So, chiil down, it’s not OUR lazynes that we bought the application.

Dear Algoriddim. I purchese the aplication for windows for long time ago (in fact for Mac too) . The CUE preview is still not working for both versions in RX2.
The only time when it worked was in RX and only on mac.

Yes, I have the same question… I want to use djay pro fot XDJ-RX2 but there is no support…

@Lexy Walker
Thank you for your awesome answer… your comment really brings us forward!

I am already using XDJ-RX2 with djay pro but there are still many features which don’t work!

FYI: the plan is that it will be supported soon

Yes if you give me your email adress

Please Support of rx2… :frowning:

It does not turn on any light!