Where are the following features with new Windows version?

I just bought the Windows version of DJay. Wonder if I am missing something but I don’t see the following features that are available on the iOS version

  1. Sorting the Tidal playlists alphabetically (what is the default order it is using because it seems random)
  2. Ability to hide streaming services, files, etc from the list on the left. Only want to see itunes & Tidal.


@DJDon you are not missing anything. I doubled checked this myself and currently, neither of these features are supported in the Windows version of djay Pro.

That sucks. The ability to hide streaming service icons on left is just an inconvenience. Not being able to sort the Tidal playlists is a big miss. I can’t figure what logic is being used for the sorting. I create them with a smart numbering system to be able to get to them easily for use during gigs. That is not possible in the Windows app

Hi @DJDon, I understand your frustration. I have reported this to our dev team. Please understand that this is a brand new release so there will naturally be a few things that need to get ironed out and addressed.

In addition, I saw some other Mac features that were missing on Windows:

  • Smart Playlists, I haven’t seen them anywhere.
  • Track Match in the side panel exist, and i can use it with beatport, Soundcloud, etc, but not for my collection.
  • Option for Colored track tags doesn’t exist in my collection.
  • In Automix, Mac version have Neural Mix for transition, not on Windows.
  • And in Automix options menu, The length can be adjusted up to 32 bar, but in the Automix view it stops at 16 bar.

I have no doubt that the devs are already aware, but if in doubt, I prefer to add it.

In any case, thank you for this hard work to port the Mac version to Windows, it’s great!

Hi @niiqo, welcome to the community and thanks for sharing. I double checked these on my version for djay Pro for Windows and can confirm most of what you discovered:

  1. I couldn’t find Smart Playlists either.
  2. Track Match does exist on the side panel, but you need to be in the expanded Library Screen first. For me this worked with all music sources including songs in My Collection.
  3. I can confirm that the Color column is not available in the drop down menu for columns options either.
  4. Can also confirm no Neural Mix Transition option for Automix.
  5. I can confirm the Automix length limit of 16 bars in one menu and 32 in the other as well.


Thanks for the double checking, i done the same with the Track Match, but on your screen you match a track of your collection with Tidal (the symbol at the far right of match) but not one in your collection, on Mac we can do that.
For example on my Djay, if i click on the far right arrow, i can see where to match (Tidal/Soundcloud/Beatport/Beatsource), but no My Collection to select, like Mac Djay. I don’t Mac, i see it on the Mac manual :sweat_smile:


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I understand. Thanks for clarifying @niiqo. I don’t use Music/Itunes so I don’t have any music to test this with myself. Rest assured this has been shared with the devs. Thanks again!

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