Where are the history files kept?

I recently had to move my Music Library and home directory because of space constraints. The only fallout is that when I click on an iTunes song in history it says it cannot find it. Presumably because its path has changed from where it was when it last played. If I know where the files are located I could script a search and replace to link all the history to the songs new locations. I was not able to find these log files in the usual locations like Library application support etc. Can someone point me in the right direction? I would like to take a shot at hacking them into submission.

That is to bad. Because the trail of breadcrumbs is there. Once you click on it and it says it cannot find it it should treat it just like you typed that title in the search bar. It already know its name. It could just do a new search and find it. Probably not a real important feature request but it can be annoying if you had to move you library. All in all a bit annoying but hopefully I will not have to rebuild/move the library too often. Thanks for the answer. At least I can stop looking for a solution.

Hi Daniel,

thank you very much for your post, we are sorry to tell you but the history section is pointing to the iTunes Id of the tracks and these change after chasing the library.
You can still use the history as a reminder and find the tracks via the search bar. But it is not possible to change the pointers of the history section afterwards.

Our apologies.

Hi Daniel,

thank you for your feedback, i forwarded your feature request internally. Our development section will look into this and see about your searching approach. Thank you very much for pointing this out we are always thankful for feedback.

Lukas E.

Can you see your history on djay for iPad? If so how do I find it? TIA