Where are you guys getting ur videos for vjay

Looking for some DJ pools or websites were I can get music videos ???

http://capped.tv/ is a source for free, hq videos from the demo scene (code drivin animation and music), perfect for plopping into VJAY!

There’s a very good article on digitaldjtips which discusses various DJ pools;


…personally, I’ve been digging through my home DVD collection and most movies come with a trailer and sometimes a music video - not always what you want but a good source nonetheless.

iTunes is OK but pricey on a video by video basis…I’ve been buying up old DVDs from discogs & ebay. Apparently no one wants music DVDs any more!

Don’t d/l videos from youtube, not only is it more dubious than ripping your home DVD collection (since you didn’t purchase the title), the sound quality will be dreadful!

used music (and movie) DVD’s are a great resource, use something like Handbrake to get em in.

YouTube quality has grown by leaps and bounds, but you gotta be picky and compare with your ears before you rip. Easy freeware tools out there to convert. There is good and bad quality out there now.

Hombre, Even when ripping your own purchases it can be (legally) dubious once you record a set and share your creations with others (not disagreeing with you, just sayin)


Thanks for the great replys and suggestions.