Where can I buy Djay 4?

I’m currently using Snow Leopard version 10.8.5. I want to download DJay 4 on my mac since I know Djay Pro is only compatible with El Capitan. I do not want to upgrade to El Capitan since there exist compatible issues with Serato scratch live, and several beat making softwares that I still use.

With that being said I want to download Djay 4 only and not Djay Pro?

don’t know about OP,
my reason is Apple Music (Partial) support…
the only D.J. app i know that recognize and play apple music files is Djay 4.
it can only play the songs, no FX, No recordings but it works!

The Press release for this came out in 2011. I am not sure if it is still supported. However they are still linking to the promotional video https://youtu.be/jx2H9qB9XcA

Looks to me like much of these features are in Djay Pro. DJay Pro is a great value for the money. What feature about 4 are you interested in?

Hi there,

please see this FAQ entry about purchasing the different djay versions and their requirements:


Lukas E.

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after trying out the demo you can purchase djay 4 off:

Lukas E.

Hey Ori, 

Could you send us a mail via support@algoriddim.com about your issue?
Feels a bit off topic here.

Cheers,Lukas E.

It’s not a particular feature that I’m looking for. Djay Pro is not compatible with my current version of Mac and that’s why i’m looking for Djay 4


That link doesn’t work. Sure it downloads Djay 4 the Demo version, but when I click buy on the demo, it directs me to DJay Pro instead of Djay 4 on the Mac store.

Again I’m looking for DJay 4. There is something wrong with your link. Does your company not allowed for the consumer to buy an older version any longer?