Where is the Hardware View Mode on iOS

Hi guys i had switch on last release i had seen that the view in external mixer mode is change (more similar when in past i unplug my mixer from djay). Now are present an eq and fader with meter (fader don’t work because is in external mixer mode) and Eq work the view but not correspond to my elite functionality, i Had neural on custom fx on my mixer knob and eq on my eq site. But also i had check and according last view seems missing some function like u could see in a pic attached.
Could be a possibility to have booth view (the oldest and the newest)? supposed in next release?

this because I’m usefull to use horizontal wave mode and with new view is better work in vertical…

new ones

old ones.


Carletto Dj

a past gig

solved :slight_smile: there IS a HARDWARE VIEW . so all comes back like i prefer

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Hi @carletto_dj, sorry for the late reply. Glad to hear you figured it out and thanks for letting me know!


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