Where is the Match feature in landscape view?

On my iPads I’ve noticed an issue with the match feature for streaming sources. The feature is present in portrait view, but disappears in landscape view. Not an issue with the IDJPro as the tablet is in portrait view. On other controllers like the Mixon 4 or 8 where the tablet is in landscape this is an issue. Can we get this corrected?

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Can you please also share some screenshots to illustrate the missing Match feature? Thanks!

Thank you for the follow-up .I will update with some screenshots. However, all the other information is irrelevant because it is an issue for all operating systems and all iPads and is not relevant to the controller. It is relevant to the orientation of the ipad screen, landscape or portrait.

Notice that the q feature when loading a song is also missing in landscape mode versus portrait mode. These should be the same regardless of portrait or landscape.

Hi @THE_DJ_Co, thanks for the screenshots. Please open the side panel first. This will reveal the Match option in landscape mode.

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Perfect! Thank you. This is what I was looking for.

You’re welcome @THE_DJ_Co