where is the mixer + - volume ?

That general volume can be set in the help - hotkey - mixer, but…
* It has no effect (I have a french keyboard… Are the keys the same ?)
* I don’t see neither hear any effect !

What happens ? there was a general ones in djay previously ?

Sorry to reply only now, but I am considering to buy Djay pro and I find many (small but quite ennoying) problems…
I have sent mails through the support for the other pbs and I come back to you for this one, which is STILL NOT solved !!!..!!!
I am testing djay pro 1.3.1 I have a macbookpro8,1 osx 10.11.5

On my french keyboard, after testings… I have found that the volume up or down are made through
up is made through - quite strange !!! (upper right of the beyboard, no key combinaison)
And down is made through ) (juste left from - , no key combinaison)
No external device

It should be an absolute basic that djay adapts to any keyboard… But may be I can do something to make it adaptated… I can of course interact with you to find any cause for that very inconvenient behavior !

Big thanks

The french one

This one

and this one

Hi Jean,

thank you for your post.
Could you tell us what device, djay version and external devices you are using?
Thank you much in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi there, 

could you tell us which keyboard layout you selected in the Mac system settings? Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Thank you for the reply.

I see what your problem is. The two keys in the top right are always (!) no matter which keyboard language you are using mapped to + and -. Also the french +/- are mapped to fulfil the action. 

If you have troubles to find these, do you have the possibility to use a keyboard with a number pad?

Lukas E.