Where is the My Files Folder that was in the Djay Pro version

I just downloaded the new Djay for IOS, I can’t seem to locate the my files folder in the app. I have a lot of music videos stored in icloud which I could simply click on the my files folder and download the video I needed from icloud. This folder was easily accessible in the previous Djay Pro. Has anyone have an idea about this.

I have attached the photo, if you see in the photo from the previous Djay Pro it lists on the bottom: playlist, songs, artists, albums, genres and my files.

The new version does not show My Files.

Hi there,

We are working on a My Files section.
At the moment we recommend using the Side By Side feature, that way you can drag and drop tracks from your iPad or another cloud service application to djay.

Lukas E.

Yes it’s a little tricky at the moment, you have to actually minimize the app, ,(music still plays) open the my files folder, didn’t drag it all the way over to the app, I’ll see if I can make a video later but hopefully they make it easier anyway


Just don’t think it’s working in the current version. Only iTunes or Spotify.

Thanks, but it really is not an answer I was hoping for. I need to be able to access my video files or the app is worthless to me. I have a substantial amount of Promo Only Videos I purchased and I have stored in my files, so It won’t eat up my hard drive. Thanks for the response though

Thank you, but I was not aware that there was a side by side feature.

Thank you