Where the heck is the Reloop Mixon 8?

It was announced in June of last year and the major retailers have it available for preorder. Did it ever go on sale? I don’t see it used anywhere either so I’m guessing it never launched?

this feels like the perfect step-up controller from my current SB3. And I don’t want to drop coin on the Mixon 4 if the 8 is just around the corner. I like the expanded I/O options of the 8.


Apparently it’ll be here next month. Shipping from China is a disaster for most companies these days…

Gotcha, thanks. I get the dreaded “supply chain issues” but the radio silence is weird.

I’d even call non-communication unprofessional in a lot of cases.


I had one pre ordered since October. Kept getting delayed. Found out that they are actually having issues with the software (never a good sign). Hardware supply seems to be fine. I ended up cancelling my order and went for a RANE4 instead. I’ve put a lot of hope in DJ Pro support down the road!

I don’t think the Rane Four is class compliant so algoriddim support isn’t possible if that’s the case.

Just replied in another thread too, but I had a chat with RANE and they said that it is likely possible. Not sure on the class compliant piece. I think the audio card is but the deck screens need a driver to fully work. I’m not that fussed about full deck screen implementation. Would just be great if it worked with the iPad. I’ll do some initial testing once mine arrives and let the group know.

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Interesting! When I read the manual and saw it wasn’t class compliant I thought that was odd considering the rest of their product lineup is. I also thought maybe it was intentional on Rane’s part by way of an agreement with serato to keep it exclusive to serato stems and not allow it to be mapped to other programs. Curious to hear what you report!

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

“ There has been a delay regarding the Mixon 8 Pro’s full software support.
The final implementation is being worked on with high pressure. Follow our
social media channels for future updates. Thank you for your understanding!”


I had confirmation from RANE that the RANE Four can be midi mapped. So, that’s all good.

Thank you for bringing this up. I’ve been waiting too.

Hmm. If they need that long for the firmware… :confused:

I thought Djay’s Apple implementation was already done? Strange. Maybe an Android thing?

Edit: just looked it up - Mixon 8 support for Mac / iOS has been added in 4.1.3.

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They didn’t specify which software so maybe it’s full serato support that’s taking longer. Serato underwent some massive changes between when this was announced last summer and now.

My Sweetwater rep put me on preorder and says he’s seeing 2 months ETA.

So did you get your Rane Four? If so, any luck with mapping/getting it to work with algoriddim?

It’s arriving tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

Waiting impatiently since a year!!! :roll_eyes:

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