Where where can I buy the original control vinyl from STOKYO in Europe?

I have an iPad Pro and would like to run the software with DVS.
Since I get no signal with the SERATO Control Vinyl I would like to buy the original from STOKYO, but these I get only directly from the manufacturer this would have 50€ shipping which is very expensive in my opinion. If I still take a few slipmaps it is 100€ shipping.
Does anyone know a dealer who ships cheaper?


Which audio interface are you using? I ask cause I am using the serato vinyl now without issue.

I have 2 Reloop RP8000 and a Reloop RMX90 DVS.
I go with all 3 devices via USB to a USB hub and then via USB C into the iPad.
The mixer is recognized immediately, but I cannot visualize a DVS signal from vinyl.
Under Serato DJ it worked like this. But I switched from WIN 10 laptop to a IPad.

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Drop a screenshot of your input settings in DJay

The turntables are connected to the mixer via chinch.
The turntable line switch I have also already checked.
When I play the control vinyl nothing happens in the space input source, normally there should be a circle, I have already tried the channel input switch on the mixer all without success.
Unfortunately, the RP8000 are not supported and recognized via USB, Reloop has no new FW that supports IpadOS,

Try switching the inputs in djay to another pair then back again and see if you get time code signal.

You mean to ch 1-2 or 7-8 I have already tried that, suffering also without success

I am surprised that I do not get any signal, not even a bad one.

Likewise. Just a heads up, even with the needle not on the record, I get a little dot in the time code window. This may be something other than a time code issue.

I have found the error. Each channel has 2 inputs, I have to use the CD input on Phone it does not work.
Thanks for your support.
Unfortunately the RP 8000 players are not recognized via USB, the MIDI functions have no function. Let’s see if something comes in the future.

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I would also be interested to know whether the STOKYO DVS can be bought anywhere in Europe.? The postage costs are also too high for me!

Any other DVS vinyl also works

This is not quite correct. I currently take also the timecode vinyl from Serato for djay Pro. The control vinyl from Traktor, for example, does not work. As we can see in this video at minute 3:43, which you linked, STOKYO’s timecode vinyl has even more to offer and that’s exactly why I would like to have this one! The B side features are really cool! It’s just a shame because they always advertise them but don’t have a distributor for them in Europe. The shipping would also cost me over 50 dollars and the delivery time would also be underwhelming.

You’re right, side B is interesting, and I would also like the vinyl from
STOKYO but not at that price.
So the statement in the video is not true that all DVS vinyl are
compatible. Too bad.
I have written off Algoriddim and they said that I should wait a few weeks
because it may be that the vinyl is then available in europe.
As for the shipping costs, they would not meet me, I would have been
willing to buy some accessories but the more I buy there the higher the
shipping costs.
Customer friendly is not

ok, good to hear that there is still hope for a european distribution. The last time I emailed them, unfortunately there was no reply.

also asked a few dj shops nearby if they would like to do a bulk order with me so we can split the postage costs. unfortunately also without success.

either way, thank you for the info mate! :v:

Where are you located?

In Zurich, Switzerland.

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Ich komme aus Deutschland, Aschaffenburg

Thank you. I was checking the price if I bought it and shipped personally. Looks like it’s $25 to ship two timecode records from the states to deutschland. I’m not too sure why Stockton is charging $50 for shipping.

I just checked it again. it’s even more than I had in mind. currently the cheapest option is at 58 chf, that’s about 60 euros. way too much… for 4 vinyl only… screenshot attached below.

edit: I was wrong about my statement that the delivery time would take far too long. meanwhile, that would be a lot better than the last time I looked.