Which connectors to use when streaming video from the iPad?


I am using Djay Pro on my iPad 3 with the DDJ-WEGO3 controller.
Right now I am exploring the option to stream video to an external projector or monitor. Any experience or ideas on how to manage this?
The iPad 3 has a 30-pin connector so I use this cable

Questions that arise:

  • Is there an adapter that one could use in order to hook on both the controller and an external monitor/projector?
  • Is it so that the iPad 3 does not have the option to channel both audio and video separately? If so do you know which iPad models have this feature?
  • OR, is it just to use Airplay and Apple TV? Installing the Apple TV Remote app on the iPad? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/remot…

Would be cool if you would like to share your experience and hints.
Best regards, :slight_smile:

Only airplay, confimed by staff.

Yes, you are right! Now I know also from experience. Got Airplay to work on my iPad 3 and could stream the video via Apple TV. I downloaded this app (I assume it was needed) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/remot… and then I checked Apple TV and Screen mirror on my iPad.
Latency though. And I guess a better iPad with more juice would run the videos a bit smoother.
Am happy though that I could get it running, and thus I can practise a bit with images and videos. / Cheers

P.S. If I would use an iPad Pro would there be other connector options then, or is it still Airplay that counts?

Hi again, Still am unsure what the info on your hompage - http://www.algoriddim.com/djay-pro-ipad - means:
"External Display

From monitors and TVs to projectors, djay Pro has the ability to output HD video. So with the right connectors, you can output directly via HDMI, Thunderbolt, to DVI devices, or via Airplay."

Could you precise what connectors can be used and with which iPads? Would be super. Am considering buying another iPad so it would be great to get the best configuration. Cheers

Thanks Lukas! So I can hook on both a DJ controller and a monitor/TV/projector?

Thanks Lucas! Now everything is clear to me :slight_smile:

Hi there,

in general any connector which is supported by Apple can be used to connect your iPad with monitors, TVs or protectors. 

Thank you,

Lukas E.

While using an external controller the only possibility to send a video output would be using Airplay.

We will let you guys know if there are updates regarding this topic.

Lukas E.