Which controller for AlgoriddimDJ+Win11+ PC: Reloop Ready, Pioneer FLX4, Hercules 500?

As I allready got answers to other questions in another topic, permit me a last question before choosing the controller. After a long search the competition stays between Ready/FLX4 or maybe Hercules 500 also (lastly added). I understand and respect that some find pleasure in tuning their engine (remapping etc.) but I 'd prefered to start with not too much technical intervention nor searching for solutions for this or for that… So which of those two (or three) models would be then preferable, please?

And also ( the second last question), I am not sure if Algoriddim can play on all controllers WAV and FLAC files or is that depending from the soundcard?

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You can start right away with all models without modifying anything. So you should choose the controller that you like best or that offers the elements you want.
I don’t like the Ready so much, especially because the EQ doesn’t have a mid control - and the button is also missing if you want to control Neutral Mix with it. I also find the arrangement of the tempo faders extremely unusual.
The Flx4 offers many of the same features as larger Pioneer devices, especially the standard club layout. So if you change over later or play in a club, you will find your way around easily.
Nevertheless, at the time I decided against the Flx4 and in favor of the Inpulse 500. Slightly larger, more controls, but still compact, and with colored performance pads. I simply find it much more visually appealing, and the controller is also cheaper than the Flx4.
Ultimately, of course, it’s all a question of personal preference.

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Oh, excellent, thank you Chris! You are confirming what I was silently thinking. The Hercules still has to charm me… :wink:

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  • One advantage of the FLX4, Ready and Buddy controllers, they directly charge a tablet/phone while connected. Other controllers require an Apple dongle/hub.
  • Hercules 500 is solid; I especially like the 1/4" Outs/Headphone jacks and AUX In - very useful.
  • Worth a look: MIXON 4, MIXON 8, Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX, Numark NS4FX, Traktor Kontrol S2, Traktor Kontrol S3, Denon MC4000
  • And there’s the upcoming compact/portable MIXTOUR Pro coming out summer 2024.

One thing I do not understand: why these double sampling rate in the specificiatons: * sampling rate: 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz.?

Thank you, merci, gracias!