Which controller is the best

Which controller is the best for the software ?
Which controller can be used to operate the software most comprehensively.
With best regards Ceule

Hey, I have the Reloop Mixon 4 and am very happy with it, it gives you access to a really wide span of functionality. The only other one I would consider would be the RANE ONE but it only has two channels, making it less capable than the Mixon 4.

I can also recommend checking out Algoriddim‘s hardware page: https://www.algoriddim.com/hardware

My advice is if you want go with any other controller, make sure to check out whether the controller is compatible with iOS as well, this is not always a given with some of the more interesting controllers.

Beautiful controller but is too big for me, looking for something rather smaller

I’ve had the Reloop Beatpad 2 before and was quite happy with it, it’s noticeably smaller than the Mixon 4. The only thing I disliked was that you have to choose between having a filter knob and a mid EQ knob, you can’t have both.

Other than that, DigitalDJTips recently had a feature about the best controllers below $500. Since cheaper usually also means smaller, there might be an interesting controller there for you (make sure to check the hardware page for compatibility): https://www.digitaldjtips.com/2021/04/5-best-dj-controllers-under-500-for-2021/

If you want to go really small, there’s also this list of Micro Controllers: https://www.digitaldjtips.com/2021/04/5-best-micro-dj-controllers-for-2021/

Am already in DJ retirement and want to me still a small setup so for fun together.
The micro controllers go there already in the right direction.
Can me there just not yet decide.
The controller should have the most operating options.
With the iPad is the sonnst something fiddly

I can recommend not going too small because otherwise it will stay fiddly for you. Good luck in finding something cool to play with!

I’ve had my Pioneer WeGO4 for a few years now and still enjoy using it with an iPad Air 2.

Exactly the one I have on my list, fits in any small laptop bag and you can operate almost everything important

I would definitely recommend comparing the WeGo 4 against the Reloop Buddy.

Currently I use the wego4 and had the wego 3. No complaints other than I go through them like they’re disposable. I literally just bought the Mixon4 and awaiting its arrival