Which controller to choose?

  1. I’m trying to make a YouTube visual podcast with music and comments. I use a Rødecaster for that. But I have a hard time controlling djay Pro AI at the same time with the mouse and keyboard. So I’m looking for simple controller where I can load and start and stop the music. I do not need 90% of everything the different controllers can do at all. Since I do not scratch or use AI crossfade and more .But I would very much like to have control over the speed of the music tracks. Since I often set the pace a little up or down. 2 channels are enough. All the controllers listed on your website seem to be too advanced for me. Do you have a suggestion on which controller I could use for Radio broadcasts and podcasts?

For the use cases you listed, the Reloop Mixtour wold work nicely. Granted, it’s a little expensive and unconventional, I’d say.

My other suggestion would be the Hercules Starlight or Numark DJ2GO2 Touch, both are cheap and small and should do the trick :slight_smile:

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But as far as I can see both Hercules Starlight and Numark DJ2GO2 has no ordinary Phone connector for output. Only one mini Phone connector. Which is not satisfying when playing on most venues and discos.

I can’t see which output connector the Reloop Mixtour.

I‘m not sure what you mean and guess you‘re talking about Master Out. For both the Hercules Starlight and the Numark DJ2GO2 Touch, you have 3.5mm headphone connectors as output which you could connect to an RCA adapter. Otherwise, the aforementioned Reloop Mixtour has RCA as Master Out. None of the mentioned controllers have booth out.

I just got a DJ2Go2 Toich and I’ve been having a blast using it as an iPhone controller! The catch is that you have to buy a usb 3.0 to lightning ‘camera’ adapter, but it must be one with a power passthrough otherwise you’ll get the ‘this device requires too much power’ error. The Apple one is the only one that’s a sure bet, and then there are a million knockoffs of varying reliability. I came across this one and it’s been working so far, plus it’s dirt cheap and appears to be more durable than even the Apple ones!

USB Camera Adapter with Fast Charging Port, USB 3.0 Female OTG Adapter for iPhone iPad, Plug and Play USB to iPhone Adapter Support Camera, Keyboard, Mouse and USB Flash Drive, No APP Required https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B09FK4PL31/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_4WYT7G52CPFZ524B8YAN?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Interestingly, even though it requires the powered cable, you don’t actually need to run power to it for it to work. Beats me as to why, but it’s pretty cool to have a DJ setup that you can carry around as you play, haha!

(Also, NUMARK! What are y’all doing!? This is such a great portable controller for djay/iOS, and there’s no info in the manual on whether or not you can even do that? You could dominate this little niche market! Head scratcher right there)

Apologies for the rant…

You said “radio broadcasts and podcasts”, @djjoejoe gave you some options, then you go on to say that might not be satisfying for “most venues and discos”. They’re very different requirements.

The outputs from the mini jack outputs of the Hercules Starlight or Numark DJ2GO2 Touch can easily be converted to RCA plugs by a simple set of leads. Both work well but the lack of knobs and faders give too limited control over the sound to be ideal for venues and discos.

If you want something with more controls (line faders and channel gain controls) that does have RCA outputs I’d recommend the Hercules Inpulse 200.

Do you need a microphone input or are you using a separate mixer for that? If so that will change the advice you receive again.

If you want something more suited to both both purposes, including bass, mid, treble controls and a mic input then a Hercules Inpulse 500 is probably a good starting point.

Yeah I use an original Apple adaptor because as you say, it’s the only one that’s a sure bet.

I’ve used the DJ2Go and it’s pretty cool what it can do with just an iphone (even better with the bigger screen of an iPad). The Hercules Starlight is very similar, love that it has a sound card with master output so can just hook up to speakers and DJ anywhere from your phone!

Some controllers are fussier than others about the “too much power” message, never had an issue with the small Numark or Hercules but a Denon DN-200 needed a bigger Apple psu attached (12w/15w iPad psu, not a 5w iphone psu) via a short lightning cable (using a lower wattage psu or a longer lightning cable often gave errors).

look around for MIDI controllers, cheaper and you can custom map each fader, knob or button to be practicality anything in DJay pro.

I’ve been enjoying the Akai mini, 8 faders and plenty of buttons.
before that the Korg nanoKontroler 2, also really good, 8 faders, really neato mini controller.

both are around or under $100.

you can add light actions/reactions in Djay pro, it’s really easy.

I use a Mixtour from reloop and really like it, I got I used from Facebook marketplace, in addition to the akai mini.

Have you considered not using a controller but rather your phone or tablet as input? The mobile version of djay allows you to use your multiple fingers to make multiple simultaneous selections, thus solving your problem.

Well I have abot 3000 albums. Do I need to say more?

Yes, you do need to say more if what we’ve told you so far isn’t satisfying for you. I’m not sure how any controller will make handling 3000 albums easier. :thinking:

There is no iPhone,og iPad that can contain 3000 albums. A laptop is needed.

To my best knowledge, both iPhones and iPads let you connect external storage as long as you’re willing to live the dongle life. djay also happily lets you set up this external storage.

I honestly have no idea how much space is required for 3000 albums but the biggest sizes for iPhones now go up to 1TB and for iPads 2TB. I guess a fair way could be to say that a song takes up ~10MB for a high-quality MP3 and a typical album has 20 songs (being generous). With this calculation, your 3000 albums would take up (very simplified) (3000 albums * 20 songs * 10MB) / 1000 ~= 600GiB so I’d say there are devices out there that can fit a 3000 album collection.

This may well be beside the point because you might want to stick with a Mac anyway but I think it’s possible even without external storage.