Which country is everyone from?

Hi guys.
I thought a really cool idea would be to establish where everyone is located in terms of country. This would enable us to get together if we are located in similar areas and assist each other from time to time. It would also build some really good relationships. so let me start. I am from South Africa.


From Canada, but I’m 100% nomadic. Currently in Mexico.

I’m Italian but live in Sydney, Australia

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North America Here…20 characters

Wales - UK.

Shwmae pobl.


So far only one from a country
Let’s see if we can get a match soon

Netherlands, currently Germany. :blush:

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England, Great Britain :uk:

Hello salut from France :slight_smile:

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Europe is winning this competition

Berlin, Germany, represent. :de: :blush:

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Hello, one count from Kuwait.

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Shwmae Sooteee, dw i’n byw in Wrecsam :wales:

I’d consider myself British. Born & grew up just north of Birmingham :england:, went to university in Edinburgh :scotland:, and have lived for the last 20+ years in North & Mid Wales :wales: whilst working in England :england:

But when it comes to international sport, loyalties most certainly lie with my adopted home :wales: :wales: :wales:

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Greetings to all from Finland

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From BRAZIL… :brazil::brazil: Beat , Scratchs and Melodic Turntablism .