Which Hardware do you suggest - Beatpad2 or Pioneerr WEGO3 - Numark idj pro

Looking to buy hardware for around the £250 mark

Which do you suggest


I’m happy with the Wego 3! It’s a basic controller but very portable and the integation with Djay is great in all versions.

I have the iDJ Pro and the Wego3, while I love the idea of the iDJ Pro, I have had to return 3 of them for their poor build quality, things like:

  • constant static, that you had to reset everything to make go away
  • iDJ Pro would stop transmitting sound during live sets, had to cycle power for it to work again
  • Jog wheels stopped working

I like the Wego3 though it is more basic then the other two, so I would chose between a Wego3 or if you can afford it a Beatpad 2, though I have no experience with the Beatpad 2.

I had the idj pro and now I have the Beatpad 2. The Beatpad 2 beats the idj hands down. My idj was broke too as no sound was coming out of the headphones. The Beatpad 2 is so tightly integrated with Djay for iPad and Mac. It’s like the perfect software and hardware combination. Look at the Beatpad 1 as you will be able to pick one up cheaper and there isn’t a great deal of difference. In fact the Beatpad 1 does win over the 2 in some aspects such as a looping encoder where as on the Beatpad 2 you have pads to trigger loops but the length is limited to only 8 bars but with the encoder on the Beatpad 1 you can set to 32 bars. I think a new FW is going to address this on the Beatpad 2. Like I say the 2 is very tightly integrated to Djay and that’s the route I would go down.