Which of these setups with a DDJ-REV1 would be the most reliable?

I have never used Djay in a live setting / stage performance but have one coming up and would like to see what you guys think.

I have three devices and wondering based on the specs and user experience which you would recommend. I know the iOS setups feature touch so that’s going to be a big plus as far as functionality vs the MacOS setup. All setups will be using the Pioneer DDJ-REV1 . (I have the REV7, but it’s been in the shop for 10 months. Don’t get me started on that.). The show will be about 4 hours long.

Setup 1: iPhone 15 Pro Max - at least 200gb free space with all files playing from the device. Usb C going into a powered hub and REV1 plugged into the hub. Nothing else going and iphone completely optimized for playing using the tips mentioned in the forum. (great tips btw). I’m honestly just a little apprehensive to use a smartphone for such demanding gig.

Setup 2: 2016 iPad Pro 10.5" running ios17.2 (that’s the latest it can run)…(has the older A10X Fusion processor) The ipad is a few years old but still runs solid. Has about 90gb free (all files running will be running from device locally) and would be using Lightning port to go to a camera kit dongle (w power), and the REV1 plugged directly into Camera Kit dongle.

Setup 3: MacBookPro 2013 (running MacOS Catalina)… Great condition and has been my Serato laptop. Has never let me down but we are pushing some years on it now. My new iPhone15ProMax feels great, but is this a more secure and reliable setup because it’s MacOS and on a legit computer? I’d sacrifice the touch screen functionality if this is something I should invest more time setting up and going with.

If you had to go with one of these which would be the set up to go with? Some info on why would help too. Really appreciate the feedback.

Personally, I’d choose:

#1 iPhone 15 Max - I feel like this will be the fastest and most responsive setup, all the latest tech upgrades give you extra headroom to work fast / in the moment. I like the use of a powered hub with USB-C connection it’s more direct than lightning setup and gives you connections like on a laptop. Touchscreen is an asset both as mixing aid and backup. Main concern, if you need to use the onscreen keyboard a lot. The touchscreen is small, but it’s a 15 Max so still usable. My top pick for performance and reliability and ergonomics.

#2 MacBook 2013 - probably a solid, easy setup, with built-in connections. I like this mostly because it’s a known set of competencies. My only concern is Neural Mix, does it run and at what quality? Otherwise a solid setup for basic DJ features. Computer keyboard is a decent aid “controller” and good for searching library (for those Open Format moments). My 2nd pick for reliability, decent performance and built-in connections.

#3 iPad 10.5 2016 - a solid performer, and the screen size is a plus. But setup is jankier with the Apple Lightning adapter. That’s my biggest con, I’m not a fan or the Lightning adapter. It hasn’t failed me but just doesn’t inspire confidence - and when you need to add extra items, it can get awkward/complicated really fast. Other cons, older, so you may not get some or all Neural Mix features. And once again, onscreen keyboard for Open Format moments. My 3rd pick mainly because the Lightning jack can make the setup more awkward/complicated.

In the end, I think any of these will work just fine.

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Thank you so much for responding. I also am not a fan of the lighting dongle. It’s failed me on a few occasions because of a problem supplying the additional 5v with an interface that was fussy so not really confident about that option… I am leaning towards committing to the iPhone15Pro because like you said, it can really keep up with whatever I throw at it… It’s snappy for sure. I appreciate that feedback. I guess my new challenge will be getting used to not having a phone in my pocket for the evening.

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I agree with Michael. The iPhone 15 has the best resources and specs but the small screen would be hard for me to use for a 4 hour gig. The laptop would be second choice and the older iPad would be my third choice. I have a late 2013 MAcbook Pro and it runs DJay pretty well.


Thanks for that feedback LogisticalStyles. I’m moving forward with iPhone15ProMax + DDJ-Rev1 Setup. I’ll also report back and post how it went.

I’m trying to figure out how to move playlists between devices. For ex: I have a tracks on my macbook and I create a playlist on there, but then want to have it also pull up on the iOS device. I know the tracks won’t be there, but is there some way to pull up the playlist and have “missing files” (greyed out?). That would help a ton. I’ll keep looking but maybe someone knows if it’s even possible. Thanks!

Hi @eldrizno, if you make your playlists in the My Collection source in djay Pro, you can copy the djay Media Library database file across iOS and macOS devices. I also recommend that you make regular backups of this database to your iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive or to an external drive.

On iOS it can be found here:
The djay Media Library database is used by djay to store playlists, history, the queue, as well as all per-song metadata like cue points and loop regions. It is kept in the “User Data” folder inside the “djay” folder that can be accessed in the “On My iPad/iPhone” section in the “Files” app

On Mac the database file can be found here: https://help.algoriddim.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014912211-Where-does-djay-Pro-store-playlists-cue-points-and-other-data-on-my-Mac


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