Which software to add comments like SoundCloud?

I’d like to add comments to myself while listening to music/ mixxes. Wished I could add them to QuickTimePlayer or so. Think on the comments on soundcloud, but I do not want to use soundcloud as this is just about. me and my work (and music).

Any ideas? :slight_smile:


As per this article- What is Minitab, you can import your music into Audacity and use labels to add comments at specific points in the track. Or, you could create an AppleScript to add comments to a text file while playing music in QuickTime Player, but this requires some scripting knowledge.


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Hi @olivasmith thanks for sharing your thought! Appreciate :slight_smile:
There is dedicated web-offers out there just for putting notes into music.

  1. if it is my music I do not like to upload it to any services just for making notes due to AI.
  2. Audacity for me (!) isn’t a solution as I need the comments in the macOS eco system. Either inside of DJayPro (but that’s unrealistic). Or for QuickTime.
  3. That saying your hint with AppleScript could be that thing. I imagine a script which reads out the time stamp in the actual playing audio file (wav or mp3…) plus opening a short mini text field where I quickly put in my notes. Both are then saved into a *.txt file, which works like my music note.
  4. please note: this isn’t quite user friendly for me as a musician. I am feeling music, sound is emotion, I’d rather like to have the notes seeing in the waveform while playing instead an office document workaround :wink: