Why are all my DJay 2 recordings slowed down?

Every time I record a mix it’s way slower than it’s supposed to be and it sounds terrible. Whomst? And why? And how do I stop it?

Hi Guys,

I am very sorry to hear about this issue.

Which recording format do you use?
Also, is the slow down effect present no matter how long your recordings are?

Thank you for your answers.

Lukas E.

This is doing the same toe too. Tried wave and aac formats. Seems to slow by about 20 BPM of I mix at 175 so try ramming the mix up to 200-205 and record again and it’s back at 175?!?! Still would just like it to do what it bloody should. Algoriddim need to sort this out, I only mix music I produce so is it a piracy thing??? Sort it out please!!

I have the same issue on Djay Pro v1.0.27467.0 on Windows. However, by generating a 1-second tone in Audacity, recording the tone, and measuring the recorded length of the tone, I was able to calculate a multiplier of 3.131 (speedup) to fix a slowed-down recording. (Since the music is also pitched down, I recommend the “Change Speed” Audacity effect as a quick fix.)

The recordings are PCM audio (“signed 16-bit little endian”) in a wav container. The slow down effect appears to exist with a constant speed decrease no matter how long the recording is. The generated recording appears to have an incorrect length in the metadata.

Here’s a MEGA (file upload) link to a 1-second beep, recorded through djay Pro (Windows, latest, at least I don’t get an update notification):


Here’s the original beep, generated by Audacity and exported in signed 16-bit PCM (“Microsoft”), also in a wav container:



EDIT: The recorded beep, although having an incorrect speed/pitch, seems to have a valid length, but my (longer/larger) recording from yesterday has an invalid length:


(This audio may be subject to copyright but should fall under fair use.)