Why are there so much mappings differences between MAcos and IOS?

Why is the most expensive application (IOS) having that less midi controllers who are supported ?

This is a nonsense. Also if I am not wrong you can import mappings of Mac to IOS.

So is this list up-to-date ?

Thank you for your support boogiedj, much appreciated. @Gontie: please let us know if there is a specific controller you are missing. We are aiming to support as many controllers as possible. The reason why some are only supported on Mac is due to technical / driver limitations on iOS in some cases with specific controllers. That said, we’re regularly working with the manufacturers to try to get their controllers properly supported on mobile as well. 

In theory it should work as the mapping system is the same across Mac and iOS. However, some mappings are specifically not included on iOS because the respective controller is not supported on iOS by the manufacturer. That said, we’ll continue expanding the list of natively supported controllers on both Mac and iOS. If there are any specific ones you’d like to see mapped, please feel free to share them.

Probably because it 2 reasons.

Developing mobile apps allow for more flexibility for the devoted the developer. They can try out lots of new features- because of the subscription model. Having an ongoing revenue stream makes R&D a lot easier when you have a steady flow of capital to invest into the app.

The other reason? Macs don’t (out of the box - and Apple doesn’t support) touchscreens. The looper feature alone would be a great feature to add to djay Pro for the Mac, but again would require considerable development.

The problem is that a lot of users gripe about them charging for upgrades, scoffing at the notion, saying they should be able to buy the software once, and never have to pay another dime.

With that logic, Pioneer should send you a new replacement controller every year, just because you bought one from them 5 years ago.

It is more an information I wanted to share, nobody confirmed me if the IOS version could import mappings of the Mac or Pc version.

Also for me, the most expensive app should have the most native mappings… And it is not the case that is really not normal