Why are tracks in the Crates source grayed out?


  • Serato Crates now show up in the Library/Playlists - very, very nice!

Have you tried to play a track from this crate? Mine are greyed out! They are properly linked to the files and they play well in serato!

I need to figure out why mine aren’t working (2019 MBP 16, djay v4.0.1, Serato v2.5.11).
(A). My old crate folders are not showing (could it because they are videos? Could it be because they have over 20+ subcrates?)
(B) A new “test crate” I created containing only MP3 scratch samples and beats are greyed out. Wondering why!

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Hi @Armgod_Okello,

I’ve moved your posts about the Crates source to a new thread to keep things organized in the Community, as well as to help other users with similar questions find the answers more easily.

Our Team is aware of this issue you’ve raised, and is working on improving the functionality here. Just to give a little more information, at the moment, due to some restrictions, the Crates source can only access audio files stored in your Music folder inside your home folder (i.e., ~/Music).

As a workaround currently, you could add the relevant folders to the My Files source in djay, and then you should find the files no longer grayed out in the Crates source. Please give that a try and let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime!

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