Why can't I paste a track from GarageBand into djay?

It’s bad enough to need to use a computer’s iTunes to make a song on GarageBand for the iPad and play it on djay, but now they offer copy and paste and it doesnt work with GB?

Hi Michael,

What exactly are you copying from GB? You can only paste audio files that are supported with djay for iPad (e.g. MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF).

Hi Michael,

It seems like what you’re copying in GB is not an actual audio file and that Copy&Paste in GarageBand only works within the app itself.

I am trying to paste a drum track or a merged track from GB into djay. Currently i have to upload the song to iTunes, Add to my MacBook Pro’s library, and then add the track to the iPad’s library. I would love to take the Laptop out of the equation, especially since this is the only thing I actually need it for now.