why can't i use cellular data while using spotify on Djay

To whom this may concern,

Hi I have been using Djay with Spotify for as long as I’ve had my iPhones. With, or without using wifi I have been able to use the two together and listen and stream a lot music until recently. I’ve been at this for 2.5 weeks now trying to get in contact wth someone about this issue. From what the app is describing, it is telling me that I have to use wifi just to be able to login to the app itself and play my music there now. This was a not a problem before, but now it’s just unacceptable. I’m usually on the road a lot for work, and do not always have wifi at my disposal. I should be able to use my cellular data in order to access the app and stream music, yet I am not anymore. I’ve taken all the nessacary steps in order to try and fix the problem but nothing has worked. Now I am here, so if someone can please respond to my message that would be great.

Do you have T-Mobile? This is a known issue with T-Mobile and the unlimited streaming plans which unfortunately will not be fixed anytime soon. It is in the small print I suppose. Not 100% sure though as I am a Verizon customer.