why can't we have a basic djay for mac like we use to ?, not everybody wants to be a live dj.

Thanks for the responses , a slimmed down version with only basic features , its now too complicated for those that do not need to mix, add effects, beat match ect, there are hoards of djs that just want to play the music, djay was ideal and easy to use and looked good, i think you would find that quite a large number of folks would be happy to have the choice between a basic & pro version, instead of being forced to have just the pro version.

Thats all very well my friend but and a very big but, djay DOES NOT WORK ON OLDER OSX "i.e. 10.7.5 Lion and you cannot access a full version for any OSX older than 10.9, please don’t tell me to get a new mac i’m happy with one i have, If anyone at Algoriddim has a solution please share.

Thanks for your time and advice, ill try it again and see what happens

We paid attention on keeping djay Pro clearly arranged. What exactly would you want to be more “basic”?

Can you elaborate a bit?
I think the interface is very intuitive and you don’t have to use a lot of features if you don’t need it.

Hey Dave, what about not using all the mentioned features. Just a hint - maybe that helps:
Just open Djay pro and expand your files library (it is the icon in the lower right). All you have now is a file browser and 2 players with start/pause plus crossfader. It can’t be simpler to use IMHO. Click attached screenshot.

cheers, rokr

Hey Dave,

running Djay on earlier versions on Mac OS is another issue besides a simplified interface.

That said it’s ok to stick with Lion (which i also did for a long time because of update issues). But as time goes by you will recognize that more and more apps drop their support for earlier OS versions. Depending on the kind of software companies tend to invest in new features than backward compatibility. And while they watch the usage numbers of older OS version they eventually decide to drop support.

You either decide to stick with the working version (of OS and apps) or go on with the upgrade path.

I’m not qualified (i just don’ know) to say which version of djay still works with lion.

On the other hand: since you are running lion chances are good you wil be able to run 10.9.x. Just make a backup and give it a try. It’s free and you might like it. :slight_smile:

I’m in no way affiliated with algoriddim. Just trying to help out und suggest solutions a bit.

Happy DJing! cheers, rokr :slight_smile:

I have to correct myself a bit. Only 10.10.x is free i think. But give it a try anyway. :slight_smile: