Why did my BPM values get wiped?

I’m using the latest versions of iTunes (11.4) and djay 2 (2.6.1). I use and iPad 2 and iPhone 5S, both with iOS7. My iTunes library has hundreds of tracks with BPM values set in the metadata.

Up until the latest updates of both apps (this week), most of those BPM values would show in djay 2 (call it 95% of them). For some, djay 2 would then (re)calculate the BPM on its own – an undesired annoyance, but one I lived with.

Today, though, only about 5% of my library has the BPM values, including on tracks where I set the value and then synched tracks to the device which had not been on the device before – only 4 of the 10 songs have the BPM. djay 2 will calculate the BPM for those if I load them up, but that’s not an acceptable answer when there are 2000 tracks to deal with. (I’m a country music DJ. I need that info to select appropriate-speed dance songs. I apparently won’t have it this Friday!)

(In fact, I synch the same tracks to the iPhone and the problem is way worse there. Less than 1% of the tracks have BPM listed, but some do!)

Is this a case of the device synch losing metadata, or of djay 2 no longer pulling it out to show it properly? Obviously, I think it’s the latter, especially given the difference between the devices. I don’t have other apps which show the BPM metadata, unfortunately, to check with. (Maybe there’s a free one you can recommend?)

Hi Jim,

djay 2 has always used its own beat analyzer. Whether or not you have BPM set in the songs’ metadata, the track will get analysed for BPM the first time you load it.

It sounds though as if djay’s data was lost. Did you perhaps delete and re-download the latest version? In this case, the data would also be deleted.

By the way, you can “batch analyze” your songs, e.g. over night: tap “More” > “Analyze All Songs” in a song list in the library.

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Nope, did not delete the app before downloading. Same thing happened on both iPhone and iPad.