Why do i have to purchase a second version for another OS?


i used DJAY pro (MAC) for quite a few years now and really like it!

But why is there no possibility to install it on another OS?

You can install it on multiple devices but they have to be working with the same OS.
I’m using Windows quite a lot these days and want to use DJayPro aswell!

Why is there no support to Download it for another OS without buying it a second time??
All other professionall or even semiprofessional Audio Software on the market lets you choose on wich OS you want to run it.

Please make it possible for DJay Pro Users to!!! 


If you going to use it on a Mac there is no way you must repurchase the app from App Store WHY ?
1 windows is windows
2 OS is Apple
I had to repurchase it myself 2010 when it was just djay pro sucks but it’s worth to me
Now it’s Djay pro 2 is a subscription thing
Good luck