Why do I need to pay to use my DVS?

Love all this stuff but I’ve paid for my Vinyl which is useless unless I pay to use it? Not the greatest idea I would have paid for a new item every year? Can’t DVS be a normal function like every other competitor on the scene? Too much when I already have paid for the vinyl. Thanks just my opinion but I think it’s a good one

Welcome to the world of subscription based software. Algoriddim is not the only software company using this model. Love it or hate it, but this appears to be the way most software companies are going in order to maintain revenue for further development and innovation. They certainly don’t pay the bills by selling control vinyl.

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Unfortunately, the development cost of software severely outweighs the small amount of profit made from control vinyl. Vinyl pressing itself is an expensive endeavor with low margins for independent companies.

The current subscription price is fairly affordable for what you get and follows the current model across the industry. Rekordbox, Traktor, Serato, and VirtualDJ all have subscription models for non-hardware unlock devices at this time.

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If you want to use DVS, try out Traktor Pro. DVS behaves a lot better than in Djay and you have only to pay once (currently 50 EUR or so) The subscription offered is completely optional and covers only additional “nice to have” features.

Serato also offers an option for a one time purchase and for Virtual DJ I assume the same but I am not sure. The information provided form @Myalteredsoul is misleading and should be removed or corrected.

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I 100% understand software subs but 100% don’t understand nor agree with a hardware sub which is what the DVS is currently

If there’s ever a usable iPad version of Traktor or Serato DJ, let us know. That is what makes many turn to Djay Pro.

Do you have numbers ? I was always assuming that most more advanced DJ’s are going with Recordbox, Serato or stand alone. Beside of some sponsored pros which are trying to convince beginner to use Djay I have seen it rarely used on social media ( correct me if I am wrong).

With Recordbox there is now a second player offering DJ software for mobile. I still assume that most DJ’s will only use it to get everywhere access to their library. I do not expect that there will be many switching to iPad’s or iPhones only. Most will go with Mediaplayer or other stand alone devices in this case. Denon hardware seems to be really attractive from the price point if you consider what you have to pay for an iPad and a good controller. Especially. because you do not need a subscription :slight_smile:

Correct. Serato is $249 to $449
VirtualDJ is $199

Both prices are still higher than the cost of timecode vinyl and timecode vinyl purchase does not unlock the software.

I would love to see DJay Pro AI have a one time purchase as well, but am more than happy to pay a sub as long as the updates keep flowing as regularly as they have.

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Yes, of course most use a “classic” solution like Serato, Traktor or Rekordbox. But in the meantime there are also some Djay Pro users. And many of them use the app on mobile devices like a tablet. I’m one of them and I don’t want to go to the gig with a laptop anymore. I don’t use DVS on the road, but sometimes at home, just for fun. And I don’t want to use a laptop with another DJ software just for that. In this respect, I wanted to point out that I would welcome it if there were also from other manufacturers a solution for the iPad. But at the moment I see only Djay Pro. Rekordbox is announced, but what the app then really does, no one knows exactly yet.
As for the willingness to switch from laptop to tablet, I see it differently than you. I believe that many will stay with the laptop, but many others will also switch. And those who are new to the business will often no longer start with a laptop, but with the iPad.
But of course that doesn’t apply to everyone, the “classic” club DJ will continue to work with a USB stick and CDJs or similar. And they don’t necessarily wait for the mobile Rekordbox app, they already have access to their music library with the current version to edit it and prepare tracks and playlists.
But who knows what will really happen in the next few years … :wink: