why do my pan sliders not work?

I am getting signals on both decks, but when I use either pan slider there is no audio apparently coming from the right channels. Not that I would use this often at a gig, but I am wondering if I need to undo something I may have done to fix this, or if it is indeed, just my mp3s. I have tried several different ones, all are joint stereo. From what I understand joint stereo should have little bearing on the differences between L/R channels but does not account for 100% in L and 0% in R.

Any ideas? Or am I just stupid…?

Hi Jay,

Please provide more information regarding the setup:

  • Do you have a Mac, iPad or iPhone?
  • Which iOS/OS X version is running on your device?
  • Which djay version are you using?
  • Are you using any external devices with djay?
  • Is “Mono Audio” enabled in the Accessibility settings?