Why does DJay take up so much iCloud space?

Hi, I’m curious as to what is being backed up for DJay and DJay 2. I understand the metadata for songs and cuepoints but should that be a very large number? The iCloud space required for both of these apps for me is currently 1.4GB and 2.6GB, there’s no way that all that is necessary?

Well isn’t that inefficient to store the entire app? I don’t know what your referencing when you say Documents & Data, but seeing as how there is only 5GB of free iCloud space it’s kind of inconvenient to have the whole app backed up. Is it not possible to backup only analyze data?

Do you mean in Documents & Data or in iCloud-Backup?

In iCloud Backup, the entire app gets stored, including the data from beat analysis. Depending on how many songs you’ve analyzed, this could take up quite an amount of space. This is why beat analysis data is currently not being synced via iCloud (Documents & Data).