Why in new version freq. knobs (hi/mid/low) no more repeat position at controller?

It’s really disturbing me! i saw, you change waveform according to pitch, but why lost so simple thing - when I rotate knob on device - on screen corresponding control also changes - but now not!!!
And more! This not works normally at all! I’m change midi mapping on my reloop controllers - Hi eq except gain, but its not work as normal hi eq, more like as a ‘vocals’ fader in “neualmix”. Wtf ?
How to put ini normal EQ mode ?
Can I have a hope you return it’s in next upgrade ?

Make sure your equalizer is actually set to the equalizer mode. Sounds like yours is in „Neural Mix“ mode. There’s a dropdown in the equalizer which lets you select the mode, see my screenshot.

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Yep, once again an upgrade screws with an existing setup. I try to make the point that new features are fine but changes should never mess with existing setups but the developers seem to just like changing things.

As above, check you’re in equaliser mode, then remap the knobs as neccesary.

I had controller channel 1 & 4’s (which I don’t use) bass/mid/treble controls mapped to the neural functions drums/harmonics/vocals on channels 2 & 3, and after an update suddenly some worked and some didn’t (the corresponding on-screen sliders, some moved, some didn’t), had to remap some of them.

Cue delete mode suddenly had 3 functions crammed onto one small button (play/edit cue name/delete cue) with no clear demarcation of which area of the button does what, making it unusable when the deck is playing live in case it jumps to the cue point instead of deleting it.

The constant changes that break existing setups are becoming a nuisance. The old adage “if it ain’t broke…” comes to mind. I refuse to let it update any more because I’m scared of what they’ll break (causing me more work in mappings / settings before I can actually use it again) next. When I fire DJ software up it’s because I need to use it to do a set and I expect it to work, reliably, and everything to function like it always has. Don’t have time to re-do mappings and learn how functions work a new way when I’m just about to do a set.

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