Why is Djay 2 crashing when i open song library?

it happened almost the very moment i updated to djay 2 . i opened up an old chestnut (the cure) and the whole thing went down. i’ve been using the older djay w iPad and iPro for about a year and this never happened, i never had ANY PROBLEMS. i got a new iPad AIR and re installed djay 2. it seemed to work ok once i was home playing with it. i showed up at the club and it crashed within 4 songs. it was devastating. i took it home, erased the app, reinstalled it and it revved up like a champ. spotify worked, djay worked . for hours just playing out a little speaker. i went back to the bar to test it out, this time with airplane mode on (the bar doesn’t have wi-fi, maybe it was crashing because of the spotify thing.who knows?) it seemed to be ok…and then again after five songs or so i tried selecting the stones from the library and it went down. you guys have to help me here. if i could get the old program i would greatly appreciate it. i don’t really need or want the spotify shit i just want to play my songs from my library. again: IVE NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM BEFORE. i need answers quick. thank u

I have exactly the same issue. search by artist and on many artist names, the app just crashes. I also thought it was DRM but i deleted the artist & track then uploaded a new .mp3 version and it still crashes.
If you are DJAYing a party, this is a nightmare.

Come on Algoriddim…DJAY1 was so good

I have a video clip of it happening if you would like it ? (I have already sent the crash file)

As you said…“This is an incredibly labourious task with a large library of tracks…” DJAY1 still seems to work fine, so I will revert back

Hi Reymont,

Please contact our support team so we can troubleshoot this issue → support@algoriddim.com
(E.g. we need you to sent a Crash Report)

As soon as we’ve figured out the problem, I’ll add another comment here…

So just some updates: i thought maybe the answer was DRM files. so i took a look and there are plenty of those in my library. every time i opened up an artist w DRM it would shut down if i opened it under artist. so then I’m going down the list thinking i figured out why djay2 has been shutting down and i come across a DRM song i played yesterday that didn’t shut down when i played it! so i went through my library song for song and it played everything i tried (i didn’t play all 900 jams but about 30 or 40 in a row) . as soon as i searched by artist again it would shut down. so for some reason it will play if you search by song but not by artist. what gives?

thanks for the input guys. ive just been going by the song search for now. i have too many dj gigs so i havent updated yet. but once things chill out ill try and go the laborious route. so far it hasnt crashed when ive searched with just song title.

Hi Reymont,

I cautiously attempted a fix myself after resigning to the fact that these guys are as useless as tits on a bull.
With success!!
Im using the app on ipad in conjuction with the numark controller and my sync source is from my imac.
I hope this helps, so let me know how u go, as its worked for me and hasnt crashed yet (6 days since fix, 20+ startups at least)

Plug in your ipad to your computer.
First backup all tracks to a new folder external from the original library source folder and outside of the music files catergory on your computer. (I put my new folder on the desktop)
Delete all duplicates and playlists.
Convert all of your music to mp3. I know the quality isnt the greatest, but its easily recognised by the app, and there have been references to it struggling with certain formats.
Rename your music exluding the option of catergorising tracks into album/title/artist/song…

My tracks now look like this

e.g. Craig hamilton - they cant dance

This is an incredibly labourious task with a large library of tracks, so maybe just start with what you need to test it out and/or get you back to work.

Delete the app.
Re-install the app.
Add the folder of tracks to itunes and analyze them.
Sync them back into your ipad.

Hop on one leg.
Whistle your national anthem and cross your fingers.
(Im sure thats all the developers have been doing all along, so might as well give it a go…)

This worked for me, i hope it helps you, and anyone else stuck with library freeze and crash issues.

Let me know how u go friends…
Good luck!


Btw… you have to disable spotify as well, as there are plenty of references to it causing library crash issues…

Have u tried applying the steps i used to see if it works for you?
I still havnt had a crash since, and ive been mixing like a madman…