Why is it so difficult to add "beat jump" on the Mac DJPro app?

Hi guys,

This features has been asked for ages. Not everybody wants to DJ on an iPad. I much prefer my computer but I seriously miss the beat jump feature.

Could you please explain why it’s not there yet on the DJ Pro for Mac app?

People, speak up! Let them know we need this ASAP!

Hi @Pascale_Courrieu,

Skipping is already supported in djay Pro 2 for the Mac.

It is mapped to keyboard shortcut 3 forward and 4 backward skipping for deck 1 and 7 + 8 for deck 2. You can increase and decrease the length by navigating to the deck in the top menu bar and select Skipping.

If you want to remap the keyboard shortcuts you can do so in the djay settings.