Why no percentage pitch change on midi?

I was pleased to see the addition of pitch adjustment based on percentage rather than bpm in the app however why does this disappear when plugged into the iDJPro?

Surely you realise people with controllers are the most serious mixers and would want the most control?

Is there away to turn it on? (I can’t see one) and could we expect this to be added?

Yes it displays both bpm and percentage but the pitch only changes in increments corresponding to the bpm rather than the percentage.

My question was why is this feature omitted when plugged into a controller (iDJPro) when it is available when using the app standalone?

i.e. when you move the pitch control it will jump from 125.3 to 125.2 which doesn’t correspond to a set percentage.

This is a problem when the program doesn’t analyse the bpm correctly, if you could change pitch by changing percentage then you could still beat-match by ear. However if you are mixing a track with say 170bpm but DJay thinks it it 109bpm moving in increments of 0.1/0.2 bpm makes it virtually impossible to beat-match as the percentage change between 0.1bpm of 109bpm and 0.1bpm of 170bpm is totally different.

If you compare changing the pitch in the app without being plugged into the IDJPro with when it is plugged in you’ll see what I mean.

Seeing as it is in the app already I’d be interested to know if there’s a reason it stops working this way when using a controller and if it could be changed to work the same way?

This is the only thing holding me back from buying all the FX packs and fully committing to this app as other recent improvements definitely take it beyond the competition. (despite not being able to manually enter/ edit bpm).


Any thoughts?

The iDJ Pro view displays both, the current BPM and the pitch percentage: