Why the neglect of android?

I just feel like I see nothing about android connections, or controller uses on android… I also don’t understand how iOS has 25+ controllers available while Android has like 8 or 9, wouldnt the programming be same for both type of mobile iOS➡️android

If you do a search on the forum you can find much discussion on Android.

Long story short; the various software and hardware variations make it a lot harder to support than the other platforms.

On top of that, the more serious users are likely to use Apple or Windows. So it makes business sense.

That said, the new Windows version is up and running now, so they likely have some time on their hands for new development adventures. :wink:


I know I’m not making any friends with this, but ultimately Android is not a reliable platform, especially not for applications like this. The many different hardware combinations make things even more difficult.

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To the Android folk looking for an upgrade - have some patience.
This is a pretty significant upgrade.
Once the Apple Orchard and Windows folk have settled in from having all their issues sorted, and the dev team gets a bit more bandwidth freed up, they’ll turn their attentions to your machines.
You’ll benefit from a less buggy, more usable version as soon as you install it, because the algoriddim people will know where they have to focus before they start to work their coding magic.
It really will be worth it.

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