Why there's some features on Apple that Windows doesn't have...

I’m just starting and I were noticing some features of the Apple version aren’t on the Windows version… At the end of the day we all pay the same amount so I was wondering…

Hi Booga8004,

Thank you for your feedback. Currently, the Mac version of djay Pro 2 does have features that are not available on Windows yet.
Similarly the iOS version, our newest release, has features that are not on Mac yet but will eventually be rolled out to all djay versions.

We are aware of these differences and it’s generally our goal to reach feature parity across the different platforms. Sometimes we can only get certain features to work on a specific platform due to performance constraints, however we are trying our best to work around these.

That said, I’d be interested to hear what Mac feature specifically you’d love to see on Windows most.

Lukas E.

are you still developing the windwos version at all? when was the last update @Lukas E.