Wifi Hard Drive for Djay and iPad - It is 2016 ... not 1996 - sort it out please !

I want to connect a wifi hard drive to my ipad so that I can use DJay (I only have a small amount of space on my ipad). It is 2016 … Please let me know when I’m able to do this … thanks in advance

You cannot play the track from that external hard drive, right? You must download it to the iPad, right? Cheers

Hi Tony Wright,

you are able to do so via the “Open in…” media library.

Please make sure that your Wifi Hard Drive is being supported and has a file managing application.

To check whether other 3rd party apps would be supported in djay, please ask the app manufacturer whether it supports the “Document Provider” App Extension.

For further informations:

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi DJ Boum Boum,

yes and no. If your hard drive is being supported, you can load the tracks of the external hard drive right into djay 2/Pro.
The apps are storing the most recent files and only if the files remain available form where ever they were picked from.

So you got to load them but you are able to play them off the hard drive.

Lukas E.